Saturday, August 15, 2009

Knock Knock...who's there?

Well.....the first day of school I placed a note in Sam's lunchbox. He is now old enough to read notes and I thought he would enjoy knowing how much his Mommy adores him.....WRONG! Apparently, he is now old enough to pretend he thinks a love not from his Mommy is not the coolest idea. So, I sadly posted my news on Facebook. Unfortunately, I am not the coolest mom in town...that would be Amber who suggested I write a cool fact or joke instead of a proclamation of love. WHAT?!? Being the diplomat I am, I proposed this idea to Sam, who thought it was the BEST idea he ever heard. I placed a knock-knock joke in his lunchbox the next day...making sure he knew how to read the words "knock" and "police". A huge success!!! The joke by the way....."Knock knock...who's there....police....police who?....police let me in-it's cold out here!" Don't worry--there are hundreds more online waiting for you, too! Don't thank me--thank Amber--she is far cooler than me, and I owe her, because I earned cool points in my son's eyes! :) That is priceless.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The mixed emotions of a Mommy :) / :(

*Sigh*--first of all, I never can get my pics. in order on here....very frustrating to me!! I am a chronological person. Anyway, you can see that my boy had his first day back to school---I have a 1st grader now!! That sounds so old to me. How did this happen?
He is doing sososo well this year. He LOVES his new teacher, Mrs. Decker (God bless her!)--who wouldn't love her---she adores Grape soda and macaroni and cheese!! I am hearing other Mrs. Decker facts float out periodically. I am so thrilled my boy is connecting with his new teacher and classmates and loving his 1st grade year, thus far. He told me the second morning of school as we were getting in the car...."Mommy, I just LOVE school....this is my Favorite time of year---the time when we get back to school!" That really does a Mommy's heart good. I didn't think I would struggle this year with sending him back, but I did. I slept very poorly the night before (which was part of it) and was very weepy most of the first day, spending most of my time wiping away quiet tears (so Sarah Grace wouldn't notice) or glancing at my watch to see if we could go get Sam yet. SG and I had to leave the house because it was way too quiet without Sam. We went to Barnes and Noble, out to lunch, and to the park, then still had an hour to twiddle our thumbs. I can't describe it unless you have been through it, but the beginning of the school year brings so many emotions to Mama's! We are through that part now and into straight fun and excitement! :) Doesn't he look precious in these pics?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

Here are some pictures from our weekend trip to MI for the 4th! We all had such fun. The car trip is a little bit of torture, but so much easier this time than in the past. I no longer have to pack the kitchen sink and that is wonderful! The kids really enjoyed time with their MI cousins. Greg and I enjoyed being part of the adult group without spending so much time chasing after our little ones. Although it is difficult to watch our babies grow, we realize we are entering a different phase of parenting which is requiring less physical energy and more mental energy. In these pictures you will see Greg's mom and her sister/brother-in-law, Greg's sister and her family and us! Memories from the trip include: the children each catching frogs at Aunt Laura's which they played with for a long time, Sam getting sizzled (slightly) by Uncle Art's wayward firecracker, purchase of our first whoopee cushion and Pop Rocks during car ride, stopping at IKEA (which I loved!!), Sam's swim across the length of the hotel pool (first time), Sam and Sarah Grace sleeping in a bed together for the first time. What a wonderful time with our family we had. I LOVE the 4th of July.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

he said what?!?

I just love the things that the children are coming up with lately. Last night Sam bent over in the bathroom and said "Ouch.....that hurts".....I said "What hurts Sam?" and he said "Mommy, as your body gets older, it sometimes hurts when you bend over" !!!?! I thought I would fall over laughing. I am blaming this one on my husband (who is older than I ).......I do not yet complain of bodily aches and pains (even when I feel them, I'm too embarassed to admit it just yet).

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things you forget....

My son, who is now 6, is reminding me lately of a lot of things I had forgotten from my childhood (maybe some of you remember these as well, especially if you had brothers!). Lately, Sam has developed a new talent.....he can make a toot sound (we do not use the f word in our house) with his armpit....does this ring a bell anyone?!? This is one of the joys of having male cousins a few years older than our son. He has also learned that you can burp a word! I am sure these skills will serve him well in the adult world someday.

Above is the talented young man that I speak of......and the little girl, who I know wouldn't dream of doing such things! (not until she is 6 anyway)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Good News!!!

On Friday, May 29, we received the most wonderful news. My Dad, who has been battling Hodgkin's Disease the past year, had a clean PET scan!! The doctors said he will not need to come back for 6 months. I did not stop smiling all day. It was a day when my face hurt from smiling so much. This had been weighing heavily on our hearts, and we had to wait nearly 2 weeks to receive the news, but was it ever worth the wait! These are some pictures from Sarah Grace's b-day party of Dad with the children. These pics. are very special to me because Dad has not been able to be hands on with the children this year, mostly because of fear of germs. Seeing Dad with the children again and enjoying their time together is sososo special to us. My Dad (and Mom) have been warriors this past year. Besides Dad's health issues, we have had many other family issues to deal with this year. They have stayed strong and optimistic through all of this and I feel our good news is the big pay off! My parents are a shining example to all of a couple who have stood by each other through everything. They are such an inspiration to me. Congratulations Dad on such wonderful news. You are a survivor and I love you!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family weddings

Greg, Charley (brother), Laura (sister), Joe (youngest brother and groom)
Laura, me, Aunt Michele (married to Uncle Ken with boys Scott and Brad), and Heather (married to Greg's brother, Charley)

Cousin Scott, Charley, Uncle Ken, Greg, Art (Laura's husband), and Cousin Brad (Scott's brother)
Greg giving a toast to the bride and groom---he did so well it brought tears to my eyes. The bride and groom were lovely. Greg and I at the rehearsal dinner. I am willing to admit my fav. part of the weekend was adult time with my husband!

This weekend Greg's youngest brother, Joe was married. We had a lovely weekend with all of the hectic events that come with weddings. It was a really fun time--we had cousins/Aunts/Uncles come in from MI that we do not see often enough. We got to remember how it is to be 20 something (not us, but the bride/groom and their friends) WOW--how things change in 10 years. Mostly, I guess, what I think about with weddings now that I have children and am old enough to consider what a beautiful and amazing occasion it it brings families together and helps people let by-gones be by-gones. How it gives people hope and reminds people to love and laugh better. It was a lovely weekend. I thank God for Family every day. Here are some pics......