Saturday, August 15, 2009

Knock Knock...who's there?

Well.....the first day of school I placed a note in Sam's lunchbox. He is now old enough to read notes and I thought he would enjoy knowing how much his Mommy adores him.....WRONG! Apparently, he is now old enough to pretend he thinks a love not from his Mommy is not the coolest idea. So, I sadly posted my news on Facebook. Unfortunately, I am not the coolest mom in town...that would be Amber who suggested I write a cool fact or joke instead of a proclamation of love. WHAT?!? Being the diplomat I am, I proposed this idea to Sam, who thought it was the BEST idea he ever heard. I placed a knock-knock joke in his lunchbox the next day...making sure he knew how to read the words "knock" and "police". A huge success!!! The joke by the way....."Knock knock...who's there....police....police who?....police let me in-it's cold out here!" Don't worry--there are hundreds more online waiting for you, too! Don't thank me--thank Amber--she is far cooler than me, and I owe her, because I earned cool points in my son's eyes! :) That is priceless.

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