Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

Here are some pictures from our weekend trip to MI for the 4th! We all had such fun. The car trip is a little bit of torture, but so much easier this time than in the past. I no longer have to pack the kitchen sink and that is wonderful! The kids really enjoyed time with their MI cousins. Greg and I enjoyed being part of the adult group without spending so much time chasing after our little ones. Although it is difficult to watch our babies grow, we realize we are entering a different phase of parenting which is requiring less physical energy and more mental energy. In these pictures you will see Greg's mom and her sister/brother-in-law, Greg's sister and her family and us! Memories from the trip include: the children each catching frogs at Aunt Laura's which they played with for a long time, Sam getting sizzled (slightly) by Uncle Art's wayward firecracker, purchase of our first whoopee cushion and Pop Rocks during car ride, stopping at IKEA (which I loved!!), Sam's swim across the length of the hotel pool (first time), Sam and Sarah Grace sleeping in a bed together for the first time. What a wonderful time with our family we had. I LOVE the 4th of July.